Eska's Story

Eska History - Bev Perez


When her life was moving in a downward spiral, founder and designer Bev Perez knew she needed to make a huge life change. She left her profession as a banker and decided to run the family’s RTW business with her mom, Eve Perez, full-time.

She went back to practicing yoga, testing her limits with anti-gravity yoga and another kind of fitness that she had been wanting to try but never had the guts to do, which was POLE DANCING. After taking her first class, she was hooked. Since then, she has been active in the sport and participated in annual recitals since 2015. Her fitness journey became part of her healing.


Eska Dancewear


the dancewear that listens

Due to the limited source of pole apparel in the local market, Bev started making pole shorts for herself and her classmates, who became her initial test market. Bearing the brand name of her resort-wear line, Eve’s Chic, she designed costumes for her solo recitals. This opened doors for her to collaborate with dance studios and the like. Upon seeing the potential of her apparel in the market, Bev decided to expand her product line and on May 1, 2019, Eska Dancewear was launched.


Eska Dancewear


Eska’s product line caters to all body types. The brand listens to what would make them feel SEXY, STRONG and CONFIDENT when they do their sport.

proudly Philippine made

Eska Dancewear is homegrown with designs that are at par with those from foreign brands. It appeals to people who have the passion for dancing as well as to those just starting out.